Servicing & Maintenance Division

Servicing & Maintenance Division

Our Service & Maintenance Division provides a quick, efficient service, whether the job is simple or complex.

We are able to program and monitor your emergency lighting to ensure that your company is compliant, perform lamp replacements, RCD checks, wiring controls, and regular monthly maintenance checks.

Other services provided by our Service and Maintenance Division include engineering, complete electrical & project design, CAD drawings, industrial maintenance,  PLC programming and data installation


Emergency Lighting

We are an IQP Registered Electrical Company which enables us to carry out emergency lighting testing for building WOFs.


Testing and Tagging Solutions

We provide a full test and tag service to ensure that all tools comply with OSH requirements.

AS/NZS 3760 - Who should comply

Every business, e.g. schools, factories, workshops, hotels, motels, restaurants, engineering companies, construction companies, offices etc should comply with "The Electricity Act 1992".

The appliances that require testing includes anything that plugs into a normal power point including computer, extensions leads etc.

AS/NZS 3551 - Who should comply

This Standard is for medical and dental electrical appliances.

Preventive Maintenance

It is essential for your workplace to be geared to your clients’ needs and to have the right systems in place. We can design a solution specifically suited for these requirements, which includes lighting, power and data systems to provide more efficient information and data flow.

Maintenance and Servicing is vital to ensure your workplace is safe and operating at maximum efficiency. We can arrange a preventative maintenance program to keep your office functioning properly or respond quickly to any unforeseen system failures.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging Cameras give us the ability to see what the naked eye cannot - Heat. This ability enables you to get a heads up on electrical issues before they can become a problem. This AVOIDS costly repairs, which often happen at an inconvenient time. Because of this advantage, thermal imaging is becoming more and more popular as a preventative maintenance tool.

Thermal imaging is used in the industry to check electrical equipment like the following:

  • Distribution Boards
  • Machine Electrical Panels
  • Cables
  • Electric Motors
  • Switches
  • Appliances

Thermal Imaging picks up problems like:

  • Loose connections
  • Overloading
  • Faulty Components
  • Worn Bearing

TS Bishop provides a thermal imaging service where on completion you will receive a report detailing findings with our recommendations.

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